While cosmetology has traditionally been taught using an hourly based format, IBS has been a pioneer in promoting the newer and more innovative competency based program in Oregon. A competency program allows a student to progress through the system based on performance over a series of written tests designed to evaluate a student’s grasp of theory as well as practical exams to assess skill levels. Our school is not based on attendance of a set number of hours, rather, performance is our measure of progress. A competency based program provides a student control over the rate of progress. As a result, students can move through the program at a faster pace than other schools that are tied to a set number of hours. Additionally, it provides a more flexible schedule because it does not require a 40 hour week. It is a more focused method of instruction that concentrates each student’s time without compromising on instruction of theory or practice on the clinic floor. This format of instruction has been approved by the Oregon Department of Education to qualify a candidate to sit for the State licensing exams in cosmetology.