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The education I received at the IBS School of Cosmetology and Massage was stellar. One of the very first things I noticed was that IBS fostered a cooperative, rather than competitive, atmosphere. I felt supported and encouraged both by staff, and by the other students. This was important, as I was there as a non-traditional student seeking a career change. I found their competency-based program to be just exactly what I was looking for. I received a full education in my field, with no time wasted purely for the sake of meeting arbitrary class hours. The classes were thorough, and prepared me well for taking the state boards. I felt comfortable asking questions because I knew I’d receive a patient, thoughtful response. When I graduated, I was confident in my knowledge and skill level, and well-prepared to take the state boards. Even after graduating, I know I can always come back to IBS for help and advice in my field. I can’t recommend the IBS School of Cosmetology and Massage highly enough. Great education, great instructors, and great value.

-- Jerimi, graduate


IBS offers encouraging and knowledgeable instructors, a helpful office staff, and a unique school schedule that works for you. I am very grateful for my time at IBS. They gave me the confidence in my ability to do hair which helped me open my own barbershop. When you attend IBS, you learn so much and you make amazing connections with the instructors, other students, and the clients. Go to IBS, you will have fun while you gain knowledge and you'll be able to ace your state board tests!

-- Kayla, graduate

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Good morning everyone! We’re open as usual today. It’s pretty wet outside and there’s a little slushy snow coming down so please drive safely. If it snowed more where you live then we understand if you’re a little late because you’re being careful. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.

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It might be hard to see but it’s 3:30 pm and the snow finally started!

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Thanks to everyone that voted in this year’s Holiday nail design contest. Our students put a lot of time and effort into making some really nice entries. They all should be really proud of their skills and what they have learned to do. Here are the results of the votes for the nail design contest:

First place: Jenny Rabern with #6 in the pictures. Great job Jenny! I loved the freehand Mickey Mouse artwork.

Second place: Madelyn Sullivan with #3 in the pictures. Lots of really nice Christmas design work.

Third place: Molly Touletot with #9 in the pictures. Great snowflakes and, of course, Rudolph!

Fourth place: Tabitha Rojas with #5 in the pictures. Lots of nice bling! Very sparkly for the holidays.

So that’s it for 2018. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone! We’ll see our students when school reopens on January 2nd and we hope to meet everyone else in the new year, too. ... See MoreSee Less

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